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As our name might suggest, TalentYeti is a ‘fun loving’ company. And while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our work very seriously. We represent a team of uniquely skilled and highly experienced recruiters that, along with exclusive technology, are far better than most at placing premier talent for our clients. We focus on the candidate experience, have mastered the client engagement and offer real time access into the hiring process. But we also recognize that those benefits are irrelevant if we cannot first recruit… And we do that exceptionally well too. So well in-fact that we had to name ourselves TalentYeti, because it was the only name big enough to package our promise of Legendary Talent.

Founded by a recruiting legend with great yeti hair

TalentYeti is owned and operated by John Perton. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the business services Fortune 500 clients seeking IT and executive candidates for leading positions; both temporary and permanent. TalentYeti specializes in hard to fill roles and, more importantly, hard to find talent. Are you a legendary talent or do you need a legend in your business? Put a TalentYeti to work for you.

Executive Profile

John Perton

John has more than 10-years of staffing experience. He became fascinated with the mythical TalentYeti early in his career when he accidentally spotted and ultimately placed the rare talent with a Client. After seeing the results of that hire, John became obsessed with the creature. He has arguably placed more successful hires than anyone in the country, and he has thousands of documented TalentYeti sightings. John has worked for many successful staffing firms, he has taught others to find legendary talent, but nobody is as adept in the folklore of the TalentYeti as he. John too is a TalentYeti, get to know him.

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/ Tal-ent-yet-i /

(noun) an ellusive worker, rare for its special combination of skill and experience, work ethic and cultural adaptation. 2: (noun) an organization specializing in placing legendary talent. Rare for its special combination of knowledge and focus, it’s vast network and commitment to service. 3: (verb) a job well done, exceeding all expectations and mythical in it’s results. [example], Man, you TalentYettied that project. I’ve never seen anything like that—you’re going to be a legend in these parts. First recorded, 2017; Jacksonville, Florida.

Looking For Legendary Talent?

We believe in legendary talent and we know where to find it. When the right hire can make all of the difference, we call that candidate a TalentYeti—hard to find, yes—rarely seen, definitely—but don’t give up hope yet. We have been to the proverbial mountain and we have found the talent for your business. That one-of-a-kind, change your organization from the inside, legend in the making is here, with us, at TalentYeti, waiting for you. Put a TalentYeti to work for your business.

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